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Thread: Fra calendar/handbook

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    Not sure if it ever was intentional but I am fully metric these days as almost all running events seem to be. Still not sure why when doing a 10k, ROs put out mile markers though. Maybe that's just one of my pet hates.

    Cycling however seems to still be stuck in imperial times. I discuss pace, distance, gearing etc with cycling mates and they haven't a clue when I talk in metric. All still happy with inches, feet and miles.

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    I measure my weekly mileage and ascent in miles and feet. Just have a familiarity with it. And i dutifully record my Fell Race performances in the back of the handbook and use miles/feet (though that's the only thing I use the handbook for.... barely glance at it otherwise, what with the online calendar being so user friendly).

    Though it's an easy calculation from metres-feet and km-miles....

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    I was mulling over whether to convert whilst jogging round Kinder on Friday Evening. At end I'd only ran 5/8 of the distance of my buddy, but I'd nailed him on the climb - around 3 times his piddling amount!
    I may wait til Brexit, as I may be forced by some Brussels Bureaucrat to run further with less elevation. They haven't debated that factor in Westminster.

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