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Thread: 3P's

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    Re: 3P's

    Quote Originally Posted by Brummy John View Post
    Bit soft under foot in places today, especially final run down from Ingleborough.
    I ran round on Saturday BJ and I know what you mean as I did it in trail shoes . It was a bit windy on the tops as well

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    Re: 3P's

    I did most of the route yesterday - not a good idea after the new Witton Park XC the day before - it was a bit squelchy though and coming off Ingleborough was the most unpleasant I have known it to be, purely due to the underfoot conditions.
    Weather and views were super.

    Was that you Brummy John who came up the big climb at Ingleborough and bypassed the summit - if so, I was the one who didn't enjoy it as much as you

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    Re: 3P's

    I ran round the trig point at the top of Ingleborough, although one of the lads I was with didn't.

    We got a bit lost from PG to Ribblehead and found some really soft ground.
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    Re: 3P's

    Had a run out from Ribblehead today (Whernside/Ingleboro/Park Fell - thanks for idea HHH) Rather impressed myself! (2:17) Tho hard to judge how knackered I'll be by Ribblehead on the day (Pen y Ghent did look a VERY long way off!!) Walked all the steep bits (tho Ingleborough not as tricky as i remember and at least the really hard bit of Whernside is only a short distance) Ideal conditions tho blowy on top of Whernside and bit of mist blowing around both tops. Great day! TBH been a bit apprehensive about PPP before today (only walked it in past) but a bit more confident now - might even finish!

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    Re: 3P's

    Plan to run 3Ps route this Friday am etc ... if anyone fancies a slowish jog round? ... am travelling up for Kettlewell nav course so may as well make the most of it ...

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    Re: 3P's

    will possibly be goign for a slow jog around on saturday if anyones interested
    go play on the m 6, now, how does that sound

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