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Thread: How many sessions a week?

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    How many sessions a week?

    I wonder how many sessions the majority of mid pack runners are doing a week? Obviously quality is really important, I realise that. At present I'm managing to get one track session done and a long run of about 2hrs. The other 2 sessions include a steady state run of an hour then a intensive cycling session. The trouble is I planned to do at least 5 sessions per week but life keeps getting in the way. I'm feeling really dissatisfied and so thought a reality check with the rest of the world might do me good. Is this a normal existence for the majority of weekend warriors who are running for personal success?

    Guess this is a bit of a personal therapy session!


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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    Currently - None.

    The most ive ever done is 4 a week, but usually it was twice a week. My legs are rubbish at recovery so that why i ran so little.

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    Quote Originally Posted by Baaarby View Post
    personal therapy session!
    I wouldn't ask for that on this forum. The're useless.

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    This is an interesting one. Some people thrive off high mileage whilst others do better on really low mileage because they feel it helps with recovery between training sessions. I guess the number of training sessions / miles people do is all down to personal preference and what your goals and ambitions are. There is no right or wrong answer really!!!
    I am currently training for the Three Peaks in April and therefore trying to follow a schedule similar to a marathon...but with more off-road runs and plenty of hills. However it's difficult trying to stick to any sort of plan because my work and family commitments often get in the way. I used to get frustrated and feel guilty if I missed a session but now I just accept that whilst running is my passion it is important to balance it with everything else i do in life.

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    My usual week when in full flow looks like this

    Mon - Cycle to and from work - 30miles+5 mile run
    Tues - 3 mile run + 45 min Track Session
    Wed - Cycle to and from work - 30miles+5 mile run
    Thurs - 3 mile run + 45 min Hill Session
    Fri - 3 Hours on the bike or 3 Hours fell running
    Sat - Rest
    Sun - Long run approx 15-25 Miles depending on what I'm training for.

    I improved a lot though last year from this amount of training, just getting back up to speed now and increasing mileage and time spent recceing the BG Route ready for June. I try to fit training in around my normal day. The cycling to and from work has been quite useful, I only have to get up twenty minutes earlier in a morning and I'm twenty minutes later home so it works well. Plus I'm quite lucky that we have a changing room with shower at work so I can run at lunch times as well.

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    I usually do 4 sessions per week, unless training for a long distance event such as a marathon.

    This will usually include a speedwork/track session, a medium length tempo run and a long run. On top of this I'll throw in short easy run or hill session depending on how I'm feeling.

    I try to do as much as this in the hills as possible, (this is not easy when you live as far away from them as I do) and will make at least two of the runs offroad.
    Do what you like, like what you do

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    Quote Originally Posted by millipede View Post
    I wouldn't ask for that on this forum. The're useless.
    Dead right Milli!

    The question is, are you training because you enjoy training and is racing just a social event at weekends, or are you training to improve your fell racing performances? The two options possibly offer two very different answers?

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    Depends how I'm feeling but usualish week

    m: steady run 7-10 miles fell or road
    t: hill reps, 8.5 miles, 1500ft
    w: steady run 6-10 miles fell or road
    t: lunch: track session, ~20 mins of efforts, 5x4mins etc, eve: 5-8 mile fell run
    f: rest, normally climb
    s: race
    s: long run in the hills

    Generally 45-55 mile weeks with 2000m to 3500m ascent. If I'm tired or racing lots I drop either the hill reps or track work.

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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    Normally train six days a week and have one rest day, but sometimes run on that but make it a slow run. Sometimes get 2 sessions in a day if i run or cycle to work. Its usually go as i feel for me, never becomes a bind that way and its always enjoyable Trial and error really, if you find something that works, stick to it!!!
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    Re: How many sessions a week?

    I'm training for the high peak marathon - 42 miles over nightmare terrain in almost certain crap weather with 2/3rd done in the dark - so I'm trying to up my mileage. Last week I ran 9 on Sunday, 6 fast on Tuesday (with some sprints), 24 on Thursday (3 peaks recce) and 10 and a bit on Saturday. This week not quite there yet with 7 on Sunday, 6 yesterday afternoon and 6.5 this lunchtime. Hoping to do 20 on Sunday.

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