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Thread: This Sunday (1 Feb)

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    This Sunday (1 Feb)

    Am planning to run from Watendlath to Grasmere and back again this Sunday. Possibly taking in the Langdales on way there and then directly back via Greenup edge. Interested parties should apply in writing to

    Watendlath to Grasmere
    FRA Forum (Recce section)
    A Computer
    Near you

    Plesae ensure you affix sufficient postage as we are a charity and its miles away to the sorting office and its usually something you didnt ask for and don't even want anyway.
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    Re: This Sunday (1 Feb)

    may one ask how far this will be and time of departure and is it fast slow etc as i am definitely in the slow category

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    Re: This Sunday (1 Feb)

    Just on me own today,
    Nice run. approx 8 and a half miles to grasmere- (some frozen snow to contend with), quick bowl of soup in the villlage (they know how to charge eh? - think i was charged tourist rates) then back to Watendlath with a tailwind.
    Didnt look near the Langdales - would have been a dark finish if i had.
    My ankles are cut up pretty bad from going down snow holes.
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