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Thread: BG coming Friday 13/2

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    Re: BG coming Friday 13/2

    Quote Originally Posted by Donkarlo View Post
    Oh definitely, 16 miles and 4,500 ft of ascent, I can still move fairly quick in them big boots ! if it had stayed how it was early on I think I would have needed them. It was only that it stayed mild, no wind or anything. Looking at Halls Fell I think you'd be right about that ice it looked pretty icy from a distance at the top.

    When I turned back at Raise there was considerably more snow cover on Helvellyn and Whiteside I wouldn't have liked to have been up there without an axe, so I think I made the right decision and still had a good day, should be some photos on my blog over the weekend. It was a good day.
    We did leg 3 as far as Great End yesterday, I was surprised by the lack of snow at lower levels (theres more snow in my garden than on Calf Crag). but there was plenty higher up, Snow was soft over harder neve, 5 in our group we had an ice axe each, 2 x real crampons, 1 kattula's (bad spelling) and 1 who wore Grippers and one without. Ice axes were used a few times for security but the only place the crampons were needed was on Billy's rake up Bowfell. There were no other tracks up there that we could see at all. I went first and kicked steps where possible and cut the odd step where it got icey but apart from that it was uneventful, I wouldn't have wanted to gone up there first without crampons though.

    A surprisingly good day considering the forecast with only one brief snow shower, no wind or rain at all until we got back to the car in failing light as the weather broke.
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    Re: BG coming Friday 13/2

    Pictures of leg 3 from 15/2

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    Re: BG coming Friday 13/2

    Donkarlo/IDP - sounds like you both had good days there

    would still prefer a slight thaw before Mar.6th though...

    - speaking of which, I think I'll start a new thread for it...

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