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Thread: Hernia Op and core strengthen

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    Hernia Op and core strengthen


    i had a Hernia repair 5 weeks ago, and am desperate to run again. It was an unbillical hernia repair, and i feel like i could get back out running even though i do still have a very gentle ache in the area.
    What would people suggest about getting back into running, as i havent run for 6 weeks since i did a half marathon.

    Also i saw a physio last week and i was told i had to do some core strengthening exercises, any tips, i havent a clue. I have been told a Wii Fit might help, anyone know if this will, as i dont wanna waste £70 if it dont work.


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    Re: Hernia Op and core strengt

    Different types of repair require different lenghts of time to recover. My last one was an 8 week lay off. No exercise at all. Others can get back to it sooner.

    You should ask the surgeon. Phone up and leave a message for them if needs be. They won't mind. Go back too soon and you could be back to square one. A couple more weeks won't make any difference.


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    Re: Hernia Op and core strengt

    'The plank' is a great core exercise, here's a link to an explanation,


    Once you're doing OK with that, then add some leg raises

    I think these are great, but there's quite a few different ones, try a google with 'core exercise plank'

    Good luck and hope you're back on form soon.
    I can do down hill

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