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    Results from today:

    Its a great race this.
    It is indeed a lovely race and has been since the first one in March 2000.

    One of the aspects of fell running that I like is the sense of continuity ie you can't change too much or it just won't be the Midgley Moor race any more and I have been thinking about this in connection with my A Sense of Perspective coming soon in future Fellrunners!

    "The FRA came into being in 1970 because of the vision ofa few people and the production of a modest list of races of around 40 races which was amended and supplemented during the year eg the Slaithwaite Band Carnival Race was added for September 1970 but, alas, it did not survive into 1971.

    But other races there then are still here now: the majestic Ennerdale Horseshoe and the more humble Eldwick Gala, the Three Peaks Race and Thieveley Pike, and others. Reflecting on races that have lasted the distance, such as Fairfield, must surely evoke a reassuring sense of continuity; race organisers come and go but the races, the races, remain the same". (extract)

    On other words, the Fairfield Horseshoe started back in 1966 and it just feels good to me that in 2016 fell runners can set off running (pretty much) over the same country as their fathers.
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