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Thread: Tonights T'V

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    BBC4 Dissected - The Incredible Human Foot, just been on tonight well worth a watch on iplayer. explains biomechanics for numpties like me!

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    Nice to have two such positive stories about youngsters on BBC Northwest tonight - the two lads who did nuclear fusion in a school lab, and the young woman who designed the memorial to the sailors who died when HMS Birkenhead sank.

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    Second series of 'The Americans' started with episode one carrying on the quality of the first series. With the recent events in the Crimea our eponymous heroes might not be looked upon so favourably in this series by the public. I still like them though
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    Ken Burns "The Civil War" repeats on PBS America this week.

    Still the pinnacle of documentary making, over 20 years since its release.

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    meant to mention a few days ago
    new series of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle on BBC2
    Ep2/6 on tomorrow
    I assume you can see Ep1 on iPlayer
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    You guys watch some sh!t!
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    Dark. Like the setting though. Looks like parts of the SW of Ireland here, cliffs, rain and bog.

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    True Detective. A triumph of style over substance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Graham Breeze View Post
    True Detective. A triumph of style over substance?
    It's getting better each week. Thought there was only me watching it?! Are you on the 1st series? Apparently the first series has already finished (I'm only on episode 3) but it's supposed to get very good, we shall see! The major flaw is needing subtitles to actually hear what Matthew Mc is saying.

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