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Thread: Cressbrook Crawl

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    Cressbrook Crawl


    I've uploaded some photos from today onto Flickr


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    Re: Cressbrook Crawl

    Nice pics of me pre and post fall (note to self - never look at wildlife instead of where you are going). A great day though - thanks to all involved!

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    Re: Cressbrook Crawl

    Great pics, thanks for uploading...saw you towards the end snapping away with the camera.

    Also thanks to the organisers, marshalls etc for a fantastic race..and a free pint at the end!!

    Excellent day out

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    Re: Cressbrook Crawl

    This year's results are out now here:

    I heard someone had taken a nasty fall, and I see on the results it's a dislocated shoulder. If you're reading this, I hope you're better soon.
    No longer "resting"

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    I thought I'd resurrect a very old thread.

    We enjoyed a marvellous run at Cressbrook last Saturday. It was my first attempt at this race. The ground was nicely dry and firm underfoot. Once the initial down and up via Litton Mill and the Monsal Trail were behind us, the terrain became a little less steep and runnable again as it descended gently down High Dale towards Brushfield (echoes of the White Peak Walk here). A right turn took us back on ourselves towards the steep descent to Monsal Dale, taking the roundabout route back to Monsal Head to make up the 6.5-mile distance (echoes of Baslow Boot Bash and High Peak 40 in reverse here). The flat grind along the Monsal Trail to the open tunnel mouth was soon done as we forked right on the old footpath down to the weir at Cressbrook. Then came the delightfully uphill drag up the road back to Cressbrook. This was much better than flat running and a nice opportunity to catch those who'd overtaken earlier. Back at the finish we rehydrated with a complementary pint and 5 slap-up meal (baked potato, chilli and salad) while reminiscing in the sunshine about what we'd just achieved in the beautiful Derbyshire Dales. Happy memories.



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