I posted earlier about my calf tears. Ist one i did 17th Dec 06 then did it again on 3rd Jan 07 didn't tear in the same place, so had two tears now... Didn't go to docs or physio for 1st one, just thought like all my other injuries could run through it. Couldn't. As you say painful to walk let alone run. When i did go to the Docs, i laughed when she said it would be 2 months before i could run again.

Have had 14 sessions with the physio, unbeknown to them, as they say no running, have run once a week to keep me sane. It hurt like hell and didn't keep me sane, was very depressed and ate and drank myself stupid....but needed to do it for myself.
They do say do NOT run, and i advise this even though i did.
Am coming back slowly now, just ran 4.5 miles, no pain. Feels great even though very hard work and feel really unfit. But am very cautious and scared as i do not want to do this again, as it is no fun.

You will not want to hear this but it definately is rest, no running and ice.

And i hope yours will not take as long