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Thread: Today's Joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattPo View Post
    The right wing pro brexiteers that have monopolised this Fell Running forum and bored most people to leave! I enjoyed having Danger Mouse join us but he soon left. Is there no end to your bile. Lets get back to Fell Running, Nature and all things good about the outdoors. Is there not somewhere else you can vent your spleen?
    Well said, Matt.

    Will those of you who wish to bore us stupid with your outlandish political views kindly do so on an appropriate thread and leave what is left of this community in peace to discuss important matters such as beer, pies and maybe even a bit of fell running. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stagger View Post
    No bile Matt.
    Just the will to carry out what the MAJORITY voted for.
    Funny how losers come and go.
    Stagger you're in the wrong room you loser.

    Here's one:

    I tried to use Beef Stew as my password but was told it wasn't stroganoff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noel View Post

    Here's one:

    I tried to use Beef Stew as my password but was told it wasn't stroganoff.
    Not bad 😀

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    Ha ha ha brilliant Noel.

    My current password is:-


    No one would think that 😂🤣😂😉

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    you want to know a dangerous insect?

    Hepatitis Bee's all downhill from here.

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    Q.Why have elephants got big ears A. Because Noddy will not pay the ransom!

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    I bought a dog off a blacksmith today and as soon as I got home, it made a bolt for the door
    Richard Taylor
    "William Tell could take an apple off your head. Taylor could take out a processed pea."
    Sid Waddell

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    In light of Scotland's quest for independence The Shetland Islands are thinking of doing the same. If the Hebrides follow before long there will be Rockall to argue about...

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    An oldie for the oldies amongst you.

    A farmer in upper Teesdale this week woke up to find all his cattle stranded by ice and stuck in the snow. Unable to free them, and not knowing what to do, he shouted for help. Just then a woman appeared, saw the problem, and started waving her arms about. One by one the cattle were freed, much to the farmer's great relief. "Well" said the farmer to the woman, "was that magic?" "No" said the woman, "I'm Thora Hird"
    Eat more cake because life is shorter than you thi...

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