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Thread: Brecon Beacons Fell Race

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    Yes the winner went round in 3hrs19 which I believe is a "slow" winning time, though I did hear him say he was happy with his time considering the heat.

    Still it's hard to comprehend the record of something like 2hrs28....!

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    By strange co-incidence my best placing was also 8th!!
    1990 race. Winner was 2.35 and I did 3.00.49...just missed a sub 3 hour. I recorded conditions as hot and humid and I struggled with cramp in last mile which cost me the sub 3.
    So, yes 3.19 is a very slow winning time! Either that or the hills have got bigger!! (which they have)
    I am Kuno....

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    Ran this race in the Anti-Clockwise variant this Saturday. Great turn out of c.68 runners vs usual 45ish. Achieved a fishing time of 3hr 48mins - 14th Place - Really good race for me and pleased with the result, much better than I expected - First was 3:03 (gap to 2nd of 15 minutes!!)not a quick year probably due to hot dry conditions (25c+) as such water was the challenge and RO made a good decision to make carrying of water & hat compulsory. Given it's a BL, not an especially tough route, but very rewarding, fast paced and nice crowd to run with. I would recommend anyone interested in a quick time recce the Dam to Tal Fechan road crossing section, as slight deviations from optimum route cost time and climb. Looking forward to clockwise variant next time, I'll be aiming for sub 3:30 - starting with an opening climb up Tor Y Foel looks interesting!

    Full credit to ROs and marshals, lovely folk and well organised race!

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    Well done Bumble...

    A glance at the times this year, it appears that clockwise is the quicker way round. Last year was generally a bit quicker, with the exception of the winning time.

    So I expect you'll get closer to 3hr30

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