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Thread: bust ribs

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    bust ribs

    or what should I have done?

    7 weeks on from tripping up between High street and Nan Bield (not for the first time )

    am back running again half properly,

    anyone got any better advice for next time other than rest it will take 6 weeks
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    Re: bust ribs


    I sympathise with you totally. I am just back to full strength from breaking a couple of ribs at the start of a fell race in January. It was agonising for a few days.

    It was a good four weeks before I could run at anything more than a gentle trot. They say complete rest is the only thing but lets face reality - thats about as likely as hell freezing over. My advice is to take it very very steady and do what you feel you can do, nothing more. But dont completely rest

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    Thumbs up Bust ribs

    I've done my ribs 3 times through rugby & every time I ran after I just shallow breath for a few weeks till they recover & this seems to work.


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