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Thread: "Barefoot" shoes

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    "Barefoot" shoes

    Just a quick heads up for anyone wanting minimalist footware - I got some lace up vivo barefoot shoes for 30 from the Clarks outlet shop at Cheshire Oaks today so if you're near an outlet village might be worth a look.

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    Re: "Barefoot" shoes

    Thanks for that - I already wear barefoot vivos (and love them) and will be down near the 'Clarks Village' in Steet (the home of Clarks!) at Christmas - will be sure to check it out. We usually make a visit every time we're down visiting my mum, to get the kids (all 4 of them!) kitted out on the cheap. Vivo Barefoot are made my Terra Plana shoes, but I guess Clarks sell them because the guy who runs Terra Plana is one of the Clark family

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