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Thread: Gisborough Moors Race

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    Not to sure, it is firming up quite well in my neck of the woods but I am a good 20 miles from Gisborough.

    As most of it is n hard tracks I am thinking that a trail shoe will be my choice.
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    Gobstoppers: Britain's hardest sweet?

    For me, racing around these parts is usually paired with a weekend in Whitby. The historic seaside town is a favourite of ours and on recent visits I've not been able to resist the budget sweet shops. Yesterday's treat was a snooker ball sized Gobstopper, my wife wasn't tempted....apparently I looked 'simple' whilst trying to devour it. For nearly 2hrs I struggled with this monster and at one point my jaw locked and tongue bled after constant licking. My initial thought on finally finishing...."blimey, I hope Guisborough Moors is going to be less of an ordeal tomorrow" glad I hadn't bought the cricket ball sized one.

    On Saturday we'd done the park run at Dalby Forest near Pickering and experienced sunshine, rain, hail and snow. Thankfully the weather for today's race was much improved with great visibility.

    After all the recent rain the path up through the woods was like a quagmire and unsurprising the moors were also pretty sodden. Personally I like ground conditions like this and find it all adds to the fun.
    Plenty of activity up and around Captain Cooks Monument from what looked like a charity walking group. Don't you get some funny looks when running past walkers?

    Up next is the impressive Roseberry Topping which is always a pleasure to visit with it's distinctive shape....The Matterhorn of Cleveland I've heard it called...what a great description.

    Many thanks to all involved with today's was harder than the Gobstopper....just.
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    I've seen this year's race advertised as starting at 10.30 and 11.00. Can anyone confirm which is correct, please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tussockface View Post
    I've seen this year's race advertised as starting at 10.30 and 11.00. Can anyone confirm which is correct, please?
    11am is correct. Club web-site confirms this as revised start time.

    Enjoy :-)
    Mike Quinn
    Esk Valley Fell Club

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    Cracking race at the Gisborough moors. Weather was hot, no wind and very dry. The water stop at half way was most welcome. It's 6 years since I last ran there but thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a shame I had to make a sharp exit afterwards so missed out on the refreshments.
    Top work Esk Valley.

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    Echoing 1975’s post from a year ago! A fantastic run over the Moors. Killer short climbs but otherwise very runnable. Thanks Esk Valley. Will be back next year

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    Anyone seen results?

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    Give it time.
    For the RO & others, this is not their day job.
    Results will be on Esk Valley Fell Club's website in due course.

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