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Thread: Fellsman

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    Do it! The retrospective glee and pleasure at completing is amazing. To be flogging up Whernside in the dark and looking up to see mars bright red in the sky will stay with me for ever.

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    What are people's route choices to blea Moor- do you take direct route or come down past path junction to whernside and cross the stream at the bottom and head up the path between the old breath stacks ? I did the longer route last week but seemed to be a long way around although good path. Any advice welcome cheers

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    Definitely direct route. Where the track swings south (GR752842ish) take a line slightly north of a direct bearing to BM summit, that way you lose slightly less height and avoid the boggiest ground. The ground's not particularly rough and it's going to be way quicker than the way you describe (don't think I've ever seen anyone go that far south, though staying on the big track until about due west of BM seems fairly popular).
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    Thanks Hank appreciate you sharing

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    Hi folks,

    If anyone is interested here is my 2018 Fellsman write up. What an event!

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    Here are my photos as far as Dent. They include the frontrunners descending into Grassington.

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    My first one,what a brute of a course, plus challenging weather. Amazing organisation, brilliant day out.

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