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Thread: Fell Running Pubs?

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    The Old Crown - Hesket Newmarket. Start and Fin of "the Old Crown Round'. Chris Bennington's local apparently. Has it's own brewery behind of's a Co-Operative, run and owned by locals. What's not to like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    What happened there?!?

    Did the P&B boys hold their own?

    As i'm doing the Brecon Beacons race in 6 weeks or so, i might have to go and have a look at this place!
    The 'official and concise story' is...Pudsey and Bingley had been drinking all afternoon and night, last orders were called, the landlord came round and tried to take all our beers whilst still serving the locals. Bingley must have realised what was going to happen and all left! Pudsey were left to 'explain' that the taking of unfinished beer was not acceptable...then the 'local' Police turned up to help the landlord...Gary says that the rest of the night is a little hazy!!


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    Had a similar, but probably less troublesome evening in a pub in Keswick in the mid-2000's.... that pub down the back alley near the toilets and car park, with the long bar facing you as you go in, used to have sofas, pool table, upstairs. Can't remember the name.

    Anyway myself and a mate were up there camping at Burns Farm, and the Saturday happened to be the mighty CCFC against Chelsea in the FA Cup, with a midday kickoff, which meant only one thing, all day on the booze in Keswick. Watched the game in the sports bar and after a few hours moved to the pub in question as there was a premier league match on (Man Utd vs someone).

    As the match started a group of about 8 local lads our age came in, Man Utd 'fans' by the sounds of it. Me and my mate were sat on one of the upstairs sofas nearest the big screen, and these guys decided they wanted our spot. Very subtly, they tried tactics such as sitting on the arms of the sofa, and when my mate went to the bog they basically jumped in his seat and tried to push me out the way. I was a considerable amount of hours not a heavy session so my tongue was rather loosened, but still in control enough to know that I didn't really want any trouble.

    So I told my mate we were leaving, but not before I'd told these guys a few home truths about what w*****s they were and that only dickheads support Man Utd if they live in Keswick. This was enough for them to change down the stairs as if to give us a kicking, but none of them fancied coming fully outside with us into the alley. We went down to the Lake Road Inn and about an hour later a couple of them came in, a bit apologetic of their friend's behaviour, but warned us that we were lucky that 'big Dave' wasn't with them or he'd have definitely given us a momumental beating for our cheek.

    I explained that 8 of them had just failed to intimidate 2 guys a long way from home, in their own pub, so another guy didn't really matter, and we called a bit of a truce. Us respecting the fact we were outnumbered in someone else's town, and they respecting the fact we had stood up to them.

    Eventually we retired back to Burns Farm, where I found that a blizzard had collapsed my crappy £50 tent, and I spent the night in the boot of my Peugeot 407 with a bottle of vodka.

    And CCFC lost anyway.

    Actually saw a couple of them a month or two later, upstairs in the same pub, when the Grand National was on, they recognised me and said hello, so I suppose we just caught a couple of them on a bad day.

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    Great story Travs. I have never experienced such problems in Lake District pubs but you might have had a different ending if the same scenario had occurred in and around the boozers of Llanberis. I have had a few incidents of having to run for my life when mates and I have been set upon or ambushed in the toilets of the Padarn and Vaynol in Nant Peris, probably not helped when a mate decided to head butt a youth who was shouting at us in Welsh!

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