Big thanks to Simon and howgill for putting it on again, and nice to see Charmain again. She arrived in the boozer just after I'd sent the fire surround flying, which landed on a dog. The dog broke its fall and saved my toes.

I went for supertracs today, and I'm not necessarily regretting it, the v shaped studs work very well in snow, at least as good as pointed studs. I kept running all the way up to the col, and stayed strong on the plateau. I've never run all the track before without dropping to a walk. I felt like a good time might be on the cards, but I also found the descent slow as the snow was obscuring rocks and hiding good lines. I got done my a guy in the last quarter mile, but put at least 3m into the guy who I was behind when the descent began. Someone else knows my line too, there were footprints in the snow. Not seen any results yet.