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Thread: Today's Training

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    Re: Today's Training

    Quote Originally Posted by Swoop View Post
    Was it you I saw at about 6.40pm as I cycled to the Wheatsheaf for a pint or three?
    I ran from home to the Bay Malton, then transpennine trail towards Warrington, when hit the first road and left towards Dunham Town and at the 1st bridge before the church left on the towpath and back home.

    Wheatheaf not far from my route, but no it was not me.

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    Re: Today's Training

    couple of miles this am and not going to mop the kitchen to burn a few more calories

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    Re: Today's Training

    4.5 miles on the road this morning, felt resonably good.

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    Re: Today's Training

    14 min warm up
    16 x 400 off 30 secs recovery with roadrunner
    followed by 5 x 30 secs efforts
    18 cool down
    bloody knackered

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    Re: Today's Training

    Same as Bone, but even more shattered!
    (Thought you were rushing off to play pool?)
    @roadrunneraj #gohardorgohome

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    Re: Today's Training

    cancelled to knackered
    bath and bed

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    Re: Today's Training

    From Dovestones reservoir and taking in part of Ravenstones route, 1h 30m steady. Cup o' tea now and off to bed.

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    Re: Today's Training

    club race
    4 1/2 miles , felt good but no hills in it

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    Re: Today's Training

    5 miles this morning nice and steady. Weather man on radio said today could be nice. I am looking out of my workshop window and its looking dull!
    @roadrunneraj #gohardorgohome

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    Re: Today's Training

    Yesterday 47km cycling commute followed by 32min easy run.
    Very painful Achille this morning, as always
    Today cycling commute plus 1-hr swim.

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