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Well it was a bit moist, but not too cold, always good to spend time on the fells with Mr Tait. Amusing to be at our post below Big End and watch runners coming through a 10m length of a First World War battle field/rice paddy to get to us and the jaffa cakes and jelly babies. Then they had a small hill to climb - some of them said ungodly words!
Harry from Kendal won, and yet again Keiron pulled a blinder and organised a great little funrun, with a very tasteful T shirt. Next year is the 40th running of this!
Thanks to you and your fellow marshals. Was a good temperature for running, just about vest weather for me. Not as chilly on the tops as I was expecting. Lots of water underfoot all across the course that made it heavy going. Didn't seem to slow Harry Bolton down much though.
Still not sure whether it's the Big End or the last mile along the road I find the toughest.