Langdale Horseshoe is one of my favourite races of the year, it has everything you'd expect in a classic fell race. But I also like to check out races I've not done and Wasdale show is one of these. Trouble is they're on the same day and I really didn't want to miss Langdale.....I started thinking is the double possible?

My pre race calculations suggested it was possible as long as everything went to plan. Firstly the weather was perfect so fingers crossed my race goes well. Thankfully no issues during the race, I was pleased with my time and how I was feeling. Straight after crossing the line I went for a sit down in the ice cold river to ease my legs. Now was decision time, can I really be arsed to travel over for Wasdale or do I have a pie and a pint?

I can have a pie/pint anytime, how often do we get weather like we've had to do a fell race in the magnificent Wasdale valley?

Mind made up, I was on my way to Wasdale. Sat-nav was giving roughly 1hr travelling time going via Hardknott pass. Whilst driving up the pass, twisting and turning, I had to keep stopping to allow for cars. With plenty of clutch action I got bloody cramp in my left leg....arrgh. Whilst driving down the pass I then started with cramp in my right leg whenever I applied the brakes...arrgh, again.

On arriving at Wasdale Head the imposing Kirk fell loomed in the distance. The time was 3pm, race expected to start approximately 4pm. When I jumped out of the car, correction, when I slumped out of the car my legs were having none of it....oh sod it, I'm here now, it's only 2.5 miles...but it's 2400ft and steep as shit. I don't know what feels worse, my tired legs or twitching arse.

Not much more that 2 hrs after finishing Langdale I'm off again...sort of. It feels like somebody is holding me back, nobody was, I actually did turnaround to check. In no time my legs are screaming and I check my watch, shit, I've only gone 0.4 mile and my legs have give up. Getting to the top was tough, especially over the rocks where I kept sliding backwards without the power to plough through. On the descent I struggled letting myself go without 'jelly legs' taking over. It was actually nice getting stones in my shoes, the pain from the stones briefly stopped me thinking about my legs.

I'm glad I did Wasdale show, it's a belter of a race....deserves more respect than turning up already knackered. Would I do the double again...would I b*ll*cks.

Thanks to all involved in both races.