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Thread: Fell Running results data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travs View Post
    This is a shame... my run britain handicap declines through the summer months when I don't do any races which they count. Then when the winter xc and relays comes around it improves again...
    If I recall correctly, Power of 10 were unable to process the results for fell races due to the admin load it incurred (I emailed at the time & had a reply that I think said something along those lines). Fell race results never counted towards P10 or Run Britain handicap, even when they were uploaded. On another note, does anyone ever win an HRM for improving their handicap on Run Britain, or is the competition a data-harvesting rouse?

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    Hello, itís me the creator of the app.
    I did a lot of work a few weeks ago to normalise all the spellings of club and runner names so itís worth checking it again.
    Iíve just recently added performance graphs and table showing the number of races per month and year. A couple of accordions below the search bar.
    Next on my radar are the ability to select multiple runner names, so if you come up as unattached, unknown it will pull these in.
    Then going to look into pulling in BOFRA and Scottish Hill Runners data in.
    Anything anyone thinks itís really lacking in its current form? The PDF results would be nice. Could potentially be quite complicated. Although Iíve not even tried to pull these in yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairg View Post
    Hello, it’s me the creator of the app.
    I'm just so impressed you've created this - thank you.

    I'll have a play with the new functions and let you know.

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    I think the only extra I can think of is, when you hover over a point on your results graph, as well as giving you the percent of winner and date, you also get the race name show up?

    My personal excel/google sheet race results spreadsheet is feeling quite lofi at the moment.
    Nic Barber. Downhill Dandy

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    Iíll look at adding the race name too.

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    Accordions? I can't find the new functions.

    When a runner changes clubs I assume the race entries have to remain separate, per club?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blairg View Post
    The PDF results would be nice. Could potentially be quite complicated. Although I’ve not even tried to pull these in yet.
    I have used this "" in the past to convert PDFs. But if the structure is not consistant than that is a major issue.

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    You may need to refresh a couple of times to see the new functionality. Are you using a PC/Laptop or smart phone?

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    Yes, they are separate per club. Iím working on a new feature where you can select multiple people and munge them together. So if you have run for different clubs you will be able to get a single view rather than separate. Rather than me or anyone else manually doing this, self service feels best for this.

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    Cool, Iíll check out Ghostscript. Having PDF results would be icing on the cake.

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