My 2021:
Active days: 355
Top sport: 55% running, 41% cycling, 1% gardening, 3% XC skiing
Achievemts: 7 KOM, 29 local legends
Tot. time: 898 hr
Tot distance: 11785km
Kudos: 3369 received (most: 16, Maratona dles Dolomites), 2297 given
Climbing: 133035m (not bad if you live in the flattest region)

1) I could not run at all because of injuried hamstring/back, so my "runs" were actually walks, I just pretend they were runs. Been doing zillions of hrs of physio and core stability, but this is not on Strava.
2) I got KOM and local legends on segments that nobody else has ever done (20reps on our local hills, 500m length, too boring for anyone else, most reps there for sane guys is prob 5 or 6)