Does anyone have experience of running while on Amitriptyline?
I've had nerve pain in foot since January. Started with foot going entirely numb after a run. This then progressed to excruciating burning sensation on sole of foot, spreading into big toe and 2nd/3rd toes. I've had X-ray and Ultrasound but nothing found. I've been going to Podiatrist who diagnosed metatarsalgia which appears to be a catch-all diagnosis. I've been on various meds, including dihydrocodeine, steroids, NSAIDs and currently Amitriptyline 50mg. The Amitriptyline works very well for nerve pain but leaves me in a pretty sedated state. My foot just feels numb and spongey. It always feels like I've got a pebble in my sock.
I've continued running throughout on the advice of the Podiatrist who is a runner too. She said, as long as its not making it worse, crack on. What I've noticed though is that my fitness has nosedive. The slightest incline, and my heart is spiking at 190 and I need to walk. Even running downhill I need to hold back. I'm running 4 or 5 days a week, trying to mix it up with short treadmill intervals and up to an hour on the hills but I'm getting worse. As soon as I stop running my heart rate drops and I'm fine.
Could this be related to the Amitriptyline or am I just getting old? I'm 'only' 53 so wouldn't expect such a dramatic drop in fitness.
Thanks for any advice. I've been off this forum a couple of years.