Evening All

I read recently that one of the ways our boys in Afghanistan are coping with the off duty periods is by setting up a book club. Apparently, it's been a great success. So, it's got me thinking; what do tough fellrunners read in the periods when they are 'off duty' between training and races? Don't be shy, let's have your recommendations for a good read. It could be something that's inspired you in your running or it might be a book that you've simply enjoyed. So come on forumites, whether you're a lover of Dean Karnezes' 'Ultra Marathon Man' or Jane Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility' let's get a popular thread going here. Here are a couple of mine to get you started:

The obvious one - Feet In The Clouds / Richard Askwith. Turned me from a fellwalker into a fellrunner. Totally inspirational.
South / Ernest Shackleton. Beyond belief what these guys went through and Shackleton's motto is what I use as a mantra when I'm suffering in a race - 'By endurance we conquer.'
Wuthering Heights / Emily Bronte - the most passionate description of Pennine moorland ever.