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Thread: Summer on the Fells??

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    Question Summer on the Fells??

    How would everyone feel about a Summer on the Fells?

    Now I know there's been objections around this in the past because of the number of races at this time of year, but hear me out...

    If we timed this around the weekend of one of the big Lakes races those of you looking to do the race can do and just pitch up for the after-party and those of you who don't fancy an AL Lakes race can go on a much gentler social trot, much like we did on Saturday.

    As for the rest of the logistics, 'cos this is high season in the Lakes and accommodation etc. might be a pain or very expensive for a big group of us to do it all in Keswick like we did this weekend, so I was thinking something like:

    Sorting out with a farmer the use of one of his fields - BYOT/CV (Bring your own tent/camper van)
    A not too big marquee (or even a basic empty barn-type structure)
    Rudimentary sound system & lighting with a couple of fully loaded MP3 players (got to be better than what the Loft could muster: Lady GaGa 4 (or was it 5) times in one night?!?!)
    Oil drum sized BBQ
    Camp fire
    Many cases of beer...

    Partying away under the stars into the wee small hours after a day's frolicking in the hills? What could be better?

    Now, at this point I'm just getting a feel for who'd be interested. If there's enough of a response on here, I'll start doing some basic cost estimates. You see, here's the thing: if we look to do it ourselves, then we'll have to take money up front.

    Depending on cost estimates I'll work out a minimum turn-out that keeps the per-head cost to a reasonable level. If we go ahead we'll have a make or break date to get the minimum number of people on the list. People will only be added to the list once money has been received.

    If we don't get the minimum number of peeps by the said date, all monies are refunded. If we do get the minimum number, then there will be no refunds and we plough on and get everything sorted, accepting peeps right up until the last. If by some miracle we end up with some money left over, we can give this to the MR.

    So, a few questions to you all:

    1. Are you interested?
    2. What *have I overlooked in my simplified plans (e.g. would we need council permission for a gathering of a certain size, especially if liquor is being consumed, moneymakers being shook, and wenches, never mind about that last one!)? I've not got an answer for loos/showers yet either.
    3. Does anyone know people who could sort us out with what we need, e.g. a fell-runner friendly farmer who has such a plot of land, and would be willing to help?
    4. Am I overestimating how hard/costly it would be for a large group of us to stop in Keswick in the high season, and therefore could we just sort ourselves out like we did this time on XOTF?
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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    Sounds good!

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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    Sounds great if we can all get camped in the same field!
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    Re: Summer on the Fells??


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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    Nice idea
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    Why don't we all just go and live there
    Hills and Guinness!

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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    That sounds grand Gary.

    Whilst I like the idea of everyone in the same field, the marquee, BBQ etc, I think it could still work with a lot less organisation a la XOTF based at Keswick - there's a few campsites in walking distance plus more upmarket accommodation for those bringing less hardy partners along. The difficulty with more organisation is that someone has to do it, and take the moaning from anyone who disagrees with some point or other.

    I can't see why you'd need lots of crates of beer for it though.

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    Re: Summer on the Fells??

    Im well up for that, but i require a shower. Washing is a must.....a river doesnt cut it.

    Softie, your a good'un.

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    Well its feeling like summer 👍

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