So, during Lockdown 1.0 I discovered this press-up challenge. It seems it was all very popular a while ago and was old news to everyone else but me. Nevertheless, with press-ups being a staple exercise for me over many decades, and it's just 3 mins 30 sec (only 30 press-ups), so how hard could this bit of fun be, eh? How wrong!

Anyone else had a go?

Here's the timer I use:

I can get to 2 mins and 17 secs (well over 1 mins still to go!)and that's the absolute maximum I can achieve after months of practicing - I've hit a wall. And to be honest during the final 20 secs or so of my efforts the press-up form is rubbish. I'm a stickler for form so these are, mainly, proper press-up (nose/chest to just above the floor and full, locked arms, extensions).

Of course, the challenge isn't really the press-ups themselves, it's the 'hanging around' in a lowered plank position while ''ol Miss Lucy's dead and gone, left me here to weep and moan', that causes the burn.

Here's how it's done properly...

One tactic I've learned is when you 'bring Sally down' do it smoothly and use all the time this part of the lyrics allow you, rather than dropping quickly. You can shift your hand and feet positions too, which provides an iota of relief.